• Vintage Alvis Maintenance

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    It is my intention to cover some of the easier tasks that you should know about in running a vintage Alvis; but the starting point should always be your own personal copy of The Vintage Alvis Manual available from the Alvis Register.

    Solex 30 MOV; float weights, fuel level, jet sizes and slow running adjustment.

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    Brakes; work-in-progress. Currently it comprises running in new linings, quickly!

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    LED rear lights; increasing the illuminated width and selecting the lights and LEDs

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    Magneto; timing the magneto, setting the valve clearances and finding TDC and the Firing Point

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    This website contains my personal Maintenance schedule based on the late Micky Radford's "The Vintage Alvis Manual" and is supplemented by Lubrication charts from the Alvis TJ 12/50 Instruction Book. These notes are not intended as advice or guidance to the reader.