Compression missing - 2

Vintage Alvis Maintenance

Where did the compressions go? - 2/2

  • After three days I gave up and asked a friend of mine with a ducks back Alvis for some advice and we went through the starting procedure again.

    Then he said "Have you tried the starting handle?" - well, I hadn’t but he did and there was absolutely no compression - where did it all go to?

    Without compression there was no suction and therefore no fuel and therefore nothing for the sparks to ignite.

    We poured some petrol into each cylinder went through the start up procedure and it worked!

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    John's (the ducks back owner) theory is that the tappet clearance was too small and that coupled with the Alvis's Mount Ararat moment and possibly the dehumidifier had resulted in carbon forming between the valve seat and the valves thus jamming the valves open

    I was mightily relieved as in a few nano seconds my brain had computed the cost of a complete engine rebuild before driving to Angouleme in ten days time.

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    This website contains my personal Maintenance schedule based on the late Micky Radford's "The Vintage Alvis Manual" and is supplemented by Lubrication charts from the Alvis TJ 12/50 Instruction Book. These notes are not intended as advice or guidance to the reader.