Never dilute your spirits (too much)!

Vintage Alvis Maintenance

Never dilute your spirits too much! - 2015

  • I was preparing the car for a Concours and everything was clean and lovely so I pressed the starter and although the engine went round, nothing happened.
    This seemed like a good opportunity to try my spare magneto - it’s a BTH and has slightly different fittings but nothing that should delay me too much if it happens on a wet winter’s night in a country lane…

    Well, after 4 years of sitting idle in the Doctor’s cubby hole behind the seat, it worked!

    So I went for a 5 mile drive and it was great as I’d also taken the opportunity to change the 115 jet for a 120. I came back home and took the magneto off as it needed some padding for the mounting strap…and just for the hell of it I put the original magneto back on…
    Well, it worked!…so I left well alone and put the car in the garage ready for the Alvis Owners Club South-East Alvis day.

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    The following day I took the car out at 07.00 to go and get some petrol and everything was lovely for two miles and then it just petered out; the engine would run fine but it was impossible to rev it up.
    I repeated the previous day’s routine and two hours later + two changes of magnetos + an emptying of the carburettor + exchanging the 120 jet for a 110 jet and I was back home…sort of convincing myself that it was water in the petrol.
    So I put four gallons of Esso in it, went off for the AOC meeting, drove about 40 miles and she ran almost perfectly - I still think the 110 jet is slightly too lean
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    This website contains my personal Maintenance schedule based on the late Micky Radford's "The Vintage Alvis Manual" and is supplemented by Lubrication charts from the Alvis TJ 12/50 Instruction Book. These notes are not intended as advice or guidance to the reader.