Story of a 1927 Alvis 12/50 Three Quarter Coupé
  • Alvis 12/50 Three Quarter Coupé

    Alvis at the Pioneer Motorcycle run 2011
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    Alvis at Rockalls Hall 2011
    Alvis at Firle in the South Downs
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    Alvis hare at Alvis AGM 2011
    This is the story of my 1927 Alvis TG 12/50 fitted with Carbodies Three Quarter Coupé bodywork.

    Thanks to the research of a previous Owner - Dr Adrian Lloyd - the history of the Alvis from purchase, wartime duties, mild VSCC competition, an out-of-favour period and USA is mostly known.

    The Carbodies coachwork has never been off the chassis although it has been painted at least four times, the engine has been rebuilt three times, the interior leather was replaced fifty years ago, this is the Alvis' fifth new hood and the interior woodwork was repolished earlier this year.

    The original brake drums were replaced in 2011 and in early 2013 some judicious straightening of the doors was undertaken by cutting out slices of wood on one side of the frame and replacing them on the other side. I have also made the switch to LED side/number plate and indicator bulbs so now that the dynamo appears to have given up at least there's no battery drain!

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